Alpha Version – May 14, 2021

• Added – New AltMarkets AEM listings added to Exchanges Page.

• Enhancement – Integrated reCaptcha into site for improved security against fraud and abuse.

• Enhancement – Footer updated to include more platform pages, and show upcoming features.

• Enhancement – All Courses Page now has filtering and sorting options. Fine tune your search through keyword searching, sorting by Release Date or Course Title, or filtering courses by categories, tags, difficulty levels, and price.

Alpha Version – May 7, 2021

• Added – New “All Courses” Page is live—any new courses will show on this page.

• Added – Dynamic Student and Instructor counter on the Home page, automatically updates.

• Enhancement – Request for Instructor Approval is now automatic—start teaching!

• Enhancement – Performance optimization has been made to the Home page to reduce requests, reduce page size significantly, and improve loading speeds.

Alpha Version – May 6, 2021

• Added – Designed New Course Structure Template.

• Added – New example course available for enrollment.

• Added – Example course can be accessed from the Menu and Home Page.

• Added – Instructors may now create their courses by clicking the “Add A New Course” button in the Dashboard, where you will be redirected to fill out your course information, along with creating lessons and quizzes.

• Modified – Students can now become Instructors using the same account by clicking the “Become an Instructor” button in the Dashboard, which then redirects to the Instructor Registration page.

Alpha Version – April 29, 2021

• Added – New links in horizontal menu.

• Added – Login form to horizontal menu.

• Added – Dashboard Page.

• Added – Student Signup Page.

• Added – Instructor Registration Page.

• Added – Mobile Responsive Menu.

• Added – Exchanges Page.

• Modified – Updated buttons hyperlinks to signup pages.

• Modified – Default currency to USD.

Alpha Version – April 28, 2021

• Added – New Horizontal Menu to allow for content scaling.

Alpha Version – January 24, 2021

New Alpha Concept!

• Added – Front Page.

• Added – Changelog Page.